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Decoding India’s Net Zero Pledge

PM Narendra Modi sends a global message mentioning ‘fighting climate change to be a global movement’. 5 big announcements made on the global platform of COP26. Tushar Narula, Climate Change Expert shares his views with CNN-News18. Join the broadcast with



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5 big announcements made at the global platform by PM Narendra Modi. PM Modi talks about the 5 targets. The biggest target set for 2070. Tushar Narula (Climate Change Expert) and Damandeep Singh (ESG Expert) talk to

of CNN-News18.

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UN COP 26 – Climate Exp0 Research Showcase

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Connecting to the COP26 – UN Climate Change Conference in Glasgow, Climate Exp0 showcased the latest thinking and most relevant international research in the run-up to COP26 around five key themes. The platform is shared along with the best policymakers, academics and students across the world, and harness the power of virtual collaboration to help deliver a zero-carbon, resilient world. The Research with Tom Gard empowers rural-based smallholder farmers for degradation mitigation, climate change adaptation and resiliency through a framework and the utilization of different principles of Agro-Ecology